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Pacific Islands Radio - The Music of Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia

This Blog is a listening guide to the many
listeners of our four Internet Pacific Islands
Radio Stations.

The Blog will focus on issues relating to
Pacific Island music. It will also embrace
some of the exciting changes taking place
in the Internet Radio Revolution,as well as
updated information on our Pacific
Island Artists, Programming and Playlists.


In the last few blogs, it has been my great
pleasure to be able to present an outline of
the traditional and contemporary music of
Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia. This
was followed by a similar general overview
of Pacific Island music in the context of
the origins, mythology and external
influences on the music and people of the
Pacific Islands.

In this edition, I would like to share with
you some thoughts on Pacific Island music and
its relevance in the global context of popular
music. Certainly, as a musical genre, Pacific
Island music is distinctive, exciting and
enthralling - it displays a depth of understanding
of human experiences that can touch the very
heart and soul of the listener. Despite all this,
Pacific Island music has not yet achieved the
support, and the success it fully deserves on
the international music scene. Certainly, many
of our excellent artists have achieved superstar
status in their own countries and in the Pacific
region, although, as yet, have not been able to
translate this success onto a global environment.

Indeed, the necessary ingredients for
international success are all present - in the
form of world quality recording studios, top
class musicians, and singers with amazing talents,
along with a loyal and appreciative local support
base. One would perhaps have to ask what needs
to be done in order for these talented people to
achieve international acclaim (as per one of
the beautiful letters below that I have recently
received from Japan by a talented artist from
New Zealand).

The late great Hawaiian musician, Israel
Kamakawiwo Ole' (Bruddah Iz), was one of
those who made the statement that, as island
people, we live in both worlds - the traditional
world of our island people, and the western
world that we are, of necessity, part of. In
this respect, being able to reconcile the often
conflicting demands of our traditional lifestyle,
and western lifestyle, is something that is very
apparent in island life, and thus is a very
important factor in the longer term wider
success of Pacific Island music.

In some cases, it is perhaps a sad reality that,
some of our talented artists, are unable to
reconcile our traditional values with western
values, which can easily swamp those of our
traditional society. Yet, one would have to
suspect that ultimate success as a musical
artist depends on a successful fusion of our
traditional music with the musical expectations
of a global audience.

Out of all our musical groups, we are very
proud to be able to say that Te Vaka has
successfully been able to achieve international
acclaim and recognition and, in many respects,
can be considered a role model for any group
wishing to achieve and enjoy international
success. A performance by Te Vaka is exciting
and completely enthralling - a visual and musical
experience that always stays in the mind of the
audience. Te Vaka, as an accomplished group
of musicians and performers, has been able
to combine exciting dance and vibrant music as
they tell the stories of the mythology and the
many trials and tribulations of our Pacific Island

With most of Te Vaka's songs being presented
in their native language, western audiences, in
the main, do not understand the lyrics, however,
the message is always clear. With a strong and
resonant musical beat, combined with exciting
dance and theatre, the audience is left in no doubt
as to the underlying message of the performance.

As a solo artist, teenage artist, Vanessa Quai, from
the Pacific nation of Vanuatu, is certainly making
a big impression on the musical scene, both in the
Pacific region, as well as internationally. Indeed
Vanessa's achievement in winning the first prize in
the RTV Golden Stag International Music Festival
in Brasov, Romania, on the 23rd September 2005,
strongly suggests that Vanessa has the potential of
being a major international star of the future. With
the support of her wonderful family, including her
father/manager, Nigel Quai, as well as her frequent
musical collaboration with her talented Melanesian
fellow artist, Edou, (our Feature Artist in our
March 2006 edition of this Pacific Island Music
Newsletter), Vanessa Quai, the talented young
lady from Vanuatu, definitely has a very bright
and assured musical future.

I am very pleased to be able to say that our
Pacific Islands Radio is reaching out to a vast
worldwide audience and has generated great
interest, along with a great many requests
from those wonderful people who would like
to purchase our beautiful Pacific Island music.

In addition, there has been many most
welcome e-mails from talented artists from
the Pacific Islands (and worldwide), who
would greatly appreciate the opportunity of
having their music featured on Pacific Islands
Radio. Let me humbly say that this is, indeed,
a great honour coming from such gifted artists.
I have included one such beautiful letter,
below, from an artist who certainly deserves
our assistance and support.

Once again, may I ask you, our valued members,
to assist in whatever way we can to help promote
another of our talented artists. Thank you.

I have been listening to your radio station on-line
from Japan. I am a New Zealander (Maori) but
Tokyo-based musician...I play with all Japanese
musicians and we play regularly around Japan.
We have just finished a 16 date tour of New
Zealand and our 2nd album 'Papatu Road' will
be available in stores in Japan from May 10th.
The album has received critical acclaim from
reviewers back in New Zealand. I belong to a
small independent record label in Japan
called 'Suzuki Records'. They do my promotion
inside Japan, but nothing outside and, because
I am so desperate to reach the wider community,
I am researching avenues myself.

I actually had an interview on ABC Radio
Australia last month with Heather Javis on
'In the Loop'

I have been exploring Polynesian and Asian
influences through music for several years
now. Here is some information on me:

I would greatly appreciate any support you can
offer. Should you require any further information
i.e previous radio interviews, or MP3's or an album,
please don't hesitate to contact me directly.
E noho ra, Ben"

Finally, I would very much like to thank you,
our valued members, along with our worldwide
listeners, for the incredible and much
appreciated increase in the number of listening
hours and presets on all our four Pacific Islands
Radio Stations. In particular, the support for
our new Pacific Islands Radio Station - Radio
Melanesia - has been just great and, once
again, very much appreciated!
Keep on listening everybody and enjoy the
music! Thank you so very much!

By the way, I should mention also that our
Playlists now include the beautiful tracks
from Edou's latest exciting album, along with
some haunting, beautiful and melodious tracks
from Laisa Vulakoro, our Feature Artist this
month! Enjoy!
(See below under: Feature Artist).
* * * * * * * * * *


Pacific Islands Radio is very pleased
to be able to advise that Pacific
Islands Radio 28K has now been converted
to "RADIO MELANESIA" - to progressively
highlight the vibrant and exciting music
of Melanesia, along with a selection of
music from Polynesia and Micronesia.


I am very pleased to be able to say that,
in addition to our main Oceania Guest Book,
additional Forums have been introduced to
all Web sites of the main islands and islets
of the Pacific, as well as personalities,
along with our Pacific Islands Radio Web sites:

As you are no doubt aware, these Forums
have been most beneficial in bringing together
many people with an interest in and a love of
the beautiful and enchanting music of the
Pacific Islands. You are cordially invited to
share your valuable and important thoughts
and opinions with us all.

Recent additions also include the Web
sites for Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa, Republic
of Nauru, Republic of the Marshall Islands,
Tonga, Tokelau, Easter Island, New
Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Papua New
Guinea, Cook Islands and Pitcairn Island,
Niue, as well as our Oceania Postcards
and Picture Galleries - and many more!
Thank you.


I would like to mention, in response
to some of the e-mails and messages that I
have received, from those wonderful people
who would like to listen to our beautiful
Pacific Island music, but unfortunately,
are unable to actually listen to the music.

Basically, it is quite easy to access and
enjoy Pacific Islands Radio (our four
Pacific Islands Radio Stations). Once
you have accessed the page, it is most
necessary to firstly log on, in order to
be able to listen to the music. The process
of being able to log on can be achieved
by providing your username and password
before clicking on the yellow 'Play'
button provided on the centre of the page.
Good Luck and Enjoy!

In addition, the many listeners who would
like to purchase the music played on our
four Pacific Islands Radio Stations, in CD
format, can obtain details of recommended
suppliers by clicking on Artists' Profiles
on Pacific Islands Radio Home Page:

Pacific Islands Radio continues to offer a
range of broadcasting formats in order to
allow a wide range of listeners to enjoy
our beautiful island music.


Our four Pacific Islands Radio Stations
play the enchanting music of the Pacific
Islands 24 hours daily.

Pacific Music Radio (mp3PRO)

Pacific Islands Radio

Radio Melanesia

Micronesia Music Radio



Laisa Vulakoro, the Vude Queen, is one
of the most popular singers of all time in Fiji.
Vude, pronounced `vu-n-day' is the music
beat that is unique to Fiji - a combination of
Disco, Rock, Country and Island Style. The
beat derives from the traditional `Meke' or
dance sound.

Laisa has been singing for almost 20 years and,
with 16 published albums to her name has written
and arranged most of her songs. Born on the
remote island of Yacata in Fiji with a population
of only 150, no running water or electricity, she is
the youngest girl of a family of 8 girls and 6 boys.

Her late father, Delai, was a choir-master and lay
preacher of their church. Everyone in the family
sang in the church. Her late father, and a few of
her brothers, are also song-writers. Her band in
Fiji includes mainly family members.

Laisa is currently a Director of the Fiji Performing
Rights Association, which is a non-profit
organization that protects the rights of composers
in Fiji. She has toured most of the Pacific Islands,
including Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, New
Caledonia, Cook Islands, Marshall Islands,
Hawaii and the Solomon Islands. She has also
toured North America, Australia, New Zealand
and London. She has performed in most of the
top Resorts in Fiji and for many years was the
resident singer at the Regent of Fiji and the
Sheraton Fiji Resort.

Laisa is a Charity Worker who has donated her
time and talent towards helping underprivileged
women and children and is a `Champion' of
promoting young talent, especially with the Blind
School, Hilton Special School and various
orphanages around Fiji.

In recognition of her tireless contribution to
charity, she was awarded a Fiji Independence
Medal in 1996, given only to outstanding Fiji
Citizens and, in 2003, the French Government
awarded her the title of Chevallier of Fine Art
and Literature.

Laisa was named by a well-known columnist
in Fiji as "Fiji's Living National Treasure" in
recognition of her ability to bring people from
all races and diverse backgrounds together
through her music.

Her versatility and talent enables her to
sing many styles of music and her stage
presence makes her the complete entertainer.

* * * * * * * * * *
For further information please check out the
following four Domains:

That's all for now and thank you. Have a great day!

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